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Develop Your Skills


Community Access supports can be used to help overcome some of the barriers you may face participating in your community on a day-to-day basis, whether that is building on skills you already have, learning new ones or just going to your favourite places with your support worker.

Some of the activities people generally use these supports for are things such as:

  • Recreation or sport

  • Spending time in social groups or with friends

  • Visiting your local libraries, cafes, cinemas and restaurants

  • Building new or developing existing skills

  • Volunteer roles

New Leaf focus on linking you up with supports that you ask for and support workers that will work with you and your current circle of supports to build you up. Generally, our Community Access supports are delivered 1:1 with your support worker to do things like attending appointments, outings and activities, however we are also able to offer flexible supports when required to best meet your needs. For example, bringing a friend along for a 1:2 support.

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