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Trips Away From Home

Enjoying the Woods

Respite or Short-Term Accommodation gives you a change of scenery away from home and a break from your usual day-to-day routines, while your informal support network also gets some time to themselves. We believe that everyone in your circle of support plays a crucial role in your overall care. We understand the need to ensure they are also able to rest, and good respite care can contribute to the health and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Respite supports focus on the accommodation and supports you receive while you’re away from home and while respite care is mostly for rest and getting away from your usual environment, we will support you to get out in the local community, travel, learn new skills, build on the skills you already have and most of all, have a fantastic time while doing it.

Depending on the supports that you require, you may be able to share your support with other guests, this means much more value for your money. While staying in Short Term Accommodation, your NDIS funding will cover your usual out of pocket expenses such as utilities, rent and your groceries whilst on your stay.

We are also available to provide emergency respite care when your usual carers are unavailable.

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